Matthieu Champetier de Ribes, Artisan à la ferme de Grignon

This is the story of a banker who drops his suit for an apron. After a bright career in financial field between London and New York, Emmanuel transforms the printing house of his neighborhood in Brooklyn into a bakery and coffee shop.

A year ago I met Emmanuel in San Francisco Institue Banking during a workshop on sourdough bread. Today he cooks baguettes and multigrain breads daily. He makes custom bread for his clients. He is able to transform a slice of bread into a gourmet sandwich and he makes home croissants. he reveals to me very clearly his expertise. We juggle between his basement or his fournil is located and the bakery upstairs. At the beginning we find ourselves preparing quiches and pies with spinach. Time for an autolysis in order to finalize the croissant’s tempera then we go upstairs again to serve coffee to clients. No time to get bored between production and customer relationships, Emmanuel gives all his energy to his craft work

I learned this morning that « L’imprimerie » was in the race baton 2016 of New York. In the countries of the Grammy Awards where competition reigns, Emmanuel embodies very well the new generation of Bakers. Will this neo-baker attract a more impartial jury? On my side I leave L’imprimerie by turning it into attracting bakery deserves all the golden globes all of Brooklyn. Congratulations Mr. Gus!